IBERIABANK President Taylor Barras, presents checks totaling $50,000

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From left:  Lorna Bourg, (SMHA), Taylor Barras (IBERIABANK),  Clementine Matthews (SMFS)
Copyright 2017 SMHA

IBERIABANK President of New Iberia and Community Markets, Taylor Barras, presents checks totaling $50,000 to Lorna Bourg, Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc. (SMHA) President and CEO, and Clementine Matthews, Senior Advisor/Originator for SMHA’s affiliate Southern Mutual Financial Services, Inc. (SMFS).

These checks represent the Bank’s 2017 contribution under IBERIABANK’s multi-year commitment ($100 million loan purchase/$250,000 grant) to family and community development.

SMHA also expressed our appreciation for Taylor’s public service in the House of Representatives and as Speaker of the House.

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